Codependency and Drug Abuse Arlington VA

Codependency defines a psychological state of being where a person is being controlled by another more dominant person. A person struggling with codependency will make sacrifices for the person(s) they are dependent on regardless of how detrimental these sacrifices may be on their own health or self-esteem. A codependent person will often exhibit more insecurity and social-anxiety than the average person in the same social setting. An example of how codependency can be dangerous is in an abusive marriage where the wife is codependent. An abusive husband will take advantage of his wife’s codependent tendencies. She may be so dependent on his approval or his support that she will overlook the fact that she is being physically abused.

Codependency in relation to alcoholism and drug abuse will manifest itself in two ways:

  • A codependent who will feel obligated to hide their spouses’ addiction.
  • Drug abuse can be needlessly prolonged if the abuser is in a codependent relationship. The codependent will accommodate the drug abusers’ habits (i.e. buying them drugs, lying to others about their use) to satisfy their own need of approval.
  • A codependent that will join their spouse in their addiction.

A codependent person in a relationship with a drug addict is in serious danger. Because codependent individuals find more interest in the lives and practices of others than their own life and their own hobbies, codependents are extremely vulnerable to peer pressure. As a result, a codependent individual is likely to get caught up in the substance that their partner is abusing.
Codependency is a psychological state that should be taken just as seriously as a drug addiction. Codependency is often coupled with low self-esteem and social anxiety and therefore, codependents need group support to overcome their weaknesses. In the case of a codependent that is enabling a drug addict, the dependent may not realize the severity of their actions. They may even feel like they are helping the addict to manage their addiction. If you or a family member is struggling with drug-related codependency, there are many substance abuse rehabilitation services available.

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