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Substance abuse is a difficult subject for many people. Some addicts simply don’t want to admit they might need help overcoming alcohol or drug use. There could be social pressures that make admitting a problem particularly painful. Another scenario is someone who has sought addiction rehab in the past only to find themselves once again battling their demons. Facing the truth is a difficult and painful prospect, but it is necessary in order for healing to take place. If you’re wondering whether or not you are having a problem with drug or alcohol use, the following questions can help:

  1. Have you experienced an increased tolerance to drugs or alcohol?
  2. Are you beginning to withdraw socially or no longer meet work or family responsibilities?
  3. Do you feel defensive when anyone mentions rehab?

A “yes” answer to the above questions could indicate you need Arlington Addiction Rehab. Your next step should be getting an assessment that will offer you a clearer picture of what is happening.
Substance Abuse as a Way to Eliminate the Pain

Many addicts begin using drugs or alcohol as a way to simply feel better. They could be chronic sufferers of anxiety or depression or be a victim of crime or violence. This can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which is common among drug and alcohol users.
People suffering from other medical and psychological issues sometimes think drugs are the answer, at least at the beginning. However, it can quickly become apparent that drugs and alcohol only make the situation worse. Personal hygiene, emotional stability and even reasoning skills can all diminish because of a substance addiction. All of these can lead to problems at work, school and at home. Sometimes an addict becomes desperate to overcome emotional issues and begins using more often. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious medical situations, hospitalization and even death.

Detox Is the First Step

At Addiction Rehab Arlington VA, we offer drug detox in a safe environment where you will be surrounded by trained medical staff. Detoxification is the beginning of your journey toward sobriety. No matter what you may have heard about detox, be assured that our clinicians will help you physically and psychologically as your body rids itself of the drugs and alcohol you have come to depend on. Under certain circumstances, we even offer medication to help you through withdrawal symptoms. Drug detox is designed to leave you stronger and refreshed, and these feelings will help motivate you to continue on your road to recovery.
Relapse Prevention Is Key

We will help you create a relapse prevention plan before you leave our addiction rehab center. This plan is vital for any addict who wishes to remain sober. If you have had any experience with quitting in the past, you might know how easy it is to begin using again. Certain people and situations can create strong cravings that are difficult to ignore. Our relapse prevention plan will show you ways to deal with cravings and desires you experience once you’re out of rehab. You will learn to handle the stress of problems and difficult situations as they occur. We want to help you become stronger than your addiction so that you enjoy your days as a sober individual.
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