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Arlington Drug Treatment Centers (703) 463-2418

Many addicts may believe that they are trapped the cycle of substance abuse, and that is because it can be very difficult to overcome the disease of addiction due to changes in brain function. However, scientists and addiction specialist who are continuously studying addiction have improved the treatment outcomes for addicts who seek rehabilitation. The compassionate professionals with Arlington Drug Treatment Centers are dedicated to helping addicts achieve a safe recovery from chemical dependence. Arlington Drug Treatment Centers offers the most up to date and proven successful methods of addiction treatment including medical detox, alternative therapy, counseling and relapse prevention. Arlington Drug Treatment Centers believes that providing a variety of treatment options that can be tailored to addict’s personal struggles with addiction increases chances of a full recovery from chemical dependence. Call Arlington Drug Treatment Centers today and speak with an understanding addiction counselor about breaking free from substance abuse. (703) 463-2418

Alcohol and Drug Addiction: a Disease of Physical Dependence

Although alcohol and drug addiction is legally recognized as a disease, for many years chemical dependence has often been viewed by the public as a matter of will or morality. Professionals in the field of addiction treatment have personal experience with substance abuse, they understand that the disease of addiction goes far beyond willpower or moral awareness. Our recovery programs treat the physical and psychological aspects of chemical dependence, help our patients identify their triggers and provide a cognitive approach to change the behaviors of addiction patterns.
In addition to the stigma of addiction in society, the disease of chemical dependency is further complicated by the mechanism of denial. Sufferers may be resistant to admitting their drug or alcohol addiction and avoid recovery. The caring professionals providing alcohol and drug rehab treatment understand the courage it takes for you to seek treatment for addiction. Our mission is to help with your commitment to recovery by providing the skills and tools of psychotherapies, counseling and a network of supportive peers. If you fear the effects of possible withdrawal, we provide medical professionals to help you experience the transition in a safe environment and with less discomfort.
On the Path to Freedom: Arlington, VA, Addiction Treatment

Changing behaviors is never an easy task, but with the help of our highly experienced professionals, you can find healing. By recognizing the triggers that stir your cravings and desire to use a substance, you can anticipate the steps you need to take to prevent relapse. Our therapists have the training, experience and education to help you develop a strong relapse prevention program that can help you sustain your recovery for a lifetime. Arlington Drug Treatment Centers provide you with the knowledge you need to live a life without the struggles of addiction.
With the introduction of our support groups and twelve-step based programs into your life, you can find a supportive network of peers who share their struggles and triumphs with living in recovery. Numerous studies have shown the powerful effects of forming these bonds with others and sharing a common goal. Many of our counselors have been in recovery for years and provide nonjudgmental support and a profound understanding of your journey.

Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Work?

Choosing the right treatment for you is an important part of a successful recovery. Depending on the severity of your chemical dependence, you may require an inpatient program that helps you safely through detox and provides a warm and caring environment. You may also feel relieved by being removed from the triggers and temptations of your neighborhood friends, local places where you abused alcohol or the pressures of home that distract you from your goal of sobriety.

For those who have responsibilities at home or work, an outpatient facility can provide you with the support and intensive addiction treatment you need to recover successfully. With the support of peer groups, counselors and therapists, you can attend treatment during the day while living at home in the evening. Arlington Detox Center provide treatment designed for your individualized needs. We have helped countless people overcome their addictions and live successful and productive lives without substance abuse.
Arlington, Virginia: a Historical Community

As a diverse, urban community, Arlington, VA, touts a population of over 212,500 people. Located directly across from the famous Potomac River of Washington D.C., Arlington boasts a highly developed public transportation system and well-planned transit infrastructure. Originally surveyed as part of the nation’s capital, Arlington was restored back to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1846.
In addition to world-renowned museums, Arlington is also a place of numerous attractions and a strong dedication to the arts. The most visited attractions include the Washington Memorial, the Air Force Museum and the Robert E. Lee Memorial. Beautiful state parks are abundant in Arlington and offer biking, hiking trails and stunning scenic views. The Arlington Arts Center also offers regular award-winning live plays, concerts and dance performances. Call (703) 463-2418 for help.

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